Happy Mother’s Day!


Good morning, and happy Mother’s Day 2020!  After more than thirty-nine years of life, seven years of marriage, and now more than four years of parenthood, I have concluded that “mother” is not the female equivalent of “father”.  They are so entirely different, and what a mother adds to the life of a child is incomparable and, frankly, more. Titus and Zooey would surely agree. So in celebration of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share a brief highlight reel of a few of Sonja’s greatest hits at being a mom this year.


She comforts our children when they’re grumpy.


She makes a lot of the food we eat (and most of the food that the kids really like).


She reads favorite stories to Titus and Zooey.


She’s a comfy place to sit.


She’s the first one to break out puzzles and games, and she calls the grandparents on Facetime to keep the kids connected.

And speaking of grandparents, I want to give my own mom a shout out today as well, of course.  She has many highlights of her own, and while most of my childhood wasn’t captured on an iPhone, her time with the grandchildren largely has been. From traveling with us to Florida to taking us out to eat to hosting us at the ranch and visiting us in Omaha, my mom has added unparalleled contributions to our lives. Thanks mom!

I got out of the shower yesterday after my long run and found Titus curled up in my spot in bed, snuggling with Sonja, both of them half-napping.  To me as a husband and dad, it was one of the most beautiful scenes I could imagine.  To my mom, Sonja, Sonja’s mom, and all the moms out there, one day isn’t enough, but I hope this one is extra special.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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