Happy Easter 2020!

Good morning, and happy Easter! We slept in this morning, and after a late night of virtual Cards Against Humanity and some lovely wine, we woke to two munchkins who were quite eager to go Easter egg hunting. Sonja and I proceeded to hide forty-eight eggs, each with a different plastic animal inside of it — tigers, blowfish, crabs, horses, sea turtles, sharks, lions, and the kids proceeded to find… most of them. A few remain hidden.  They had a lot of fun.


Afterward, we played with the puzzle grandma and grandpa mailed to the kids for Easter while they Facetimed with us.  The connection was a little slow, perhaps due to so many other people having virtual Easter this morning. The kids enjoyed seeing grandma and grandpa regardless, and we suspect that was pretty mutual.


The rest of the morning was spent watching church online, followed by Toy Story 4 (Titus’s choice). We had thought of grilling steaks for dinner, but with the weather so bad today, we’re staring down the barrel of Easter pizza and, of course, some more great wine. Wherever you are sheltering in place, Sonja and I wish you some wonderful online experiences, Facetime with family, and excellent food and wine. Hopefully next year we’re all together in person again. Happy Easter, friends!


Mark & Sonja


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