“The Pumpkins Remain Uncarved,” Inconceivable Red Blend 2014

By the time I changed clothes, we picked the kids up from daycare, and we sat in traffic on I-80, there was barely time to eat dinner at grandma’s house out in the suburbs before we had to pack back up and head home. We smiled at one another over a dinner of raw broccoli and hot dogs wrapped in croissant dough. “Weeknights are hard,” we told each other. Titus and Zooey each got a little pumpkin, Titus also choosing a big one to carve some other day, and we headed home.

Once back, we unloaded kids and pumpkins alike, got into jammies, read stories, and bedded down. When it was just Sonja and I, I suggested a glass of wine.

The 2014 Inconceivable Red Wine is a G-S-M Rhône style blend from the Columbia Valley. Heavy on the Syrah in the 60th percentile, it is cofermented with 1.6% Viognier, a practice which I enjoy, and which imparts floral notes and a delicate quality in the otherwise dense, chewy red wine. Notes of blackberry, black cherry, and plum abound. In the $25 range, it has a reasonable QPR.

Tonight I need to run to the post office, and then I fear I may be choosing between pumpkin carving and leaf raking. Perhaps another glass of red wine will be in order.

Cheers to Autumn and all it brings,


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