“Checking one off the list,” Raymond Paccot La Colombe Pinot Noir 2016


You may recall, loyal reader, that one of the things on my list of forty things to do before I turn forty was to try caviar. It seems simple, yet in fairness to myself I’ll point out that I can’t make everything a big thing — I just don’t have that much time left. And unfortunately, things like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and running with the bulls in Pamplona have had to be put away for now, in part for pragmatic reasons, and in part because I don’t want to die with two young children at home.

Last night we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and we took along two of our best friends. We were celebrating Sonja’s upcoming birthday, Baron’s actually birthday, and Barack Obama’s birthday as well. I’ll dwell on Sonja’s birthday in another post, but for now, in brevity, I tried caviar last night, and I checked it off the list.

A few quick thoughts on caviar: first, it’s really salty. For that reason, it paired nicely with melons and yogurt, as pictured. Second, we gave the wine paring some thought. Bear in mind please that we had already consumed a bottle of sparkling at the table, and that we wanted a wine to pair with everyone’s meal and not just my caviar. When thinning diverse pairing, naturally, I went with a Pinot Noir.


The 2016 Raymond Paccot La Colombe Pinot Noir is a really nice little wine. Medium in body with a classic Pinot nose and hints of forrest floor, it is focused on intense bing cherry, slightly tart, and high in acidity. Elegant with vibrancy and brightness in all the right places, it was the diverse wine pairing we were hoping for at a table featuring everything from caviar to duck to beef heart to fish.  Best of all perhaps, thought it doesn’t feature on my forty before forty list, I had been wanted to try a Swiss wine for quite some time, so really I checked two things off of my list.

As I finish typing this up, Zooey is astir in her crib and beginning to chatter. I am going to take the kids for a run this morning before Sonja wakes up, the start of her birthday celebration. I have their cheerio cups packed, their waters filled, and some thoughts about what they’ll wear. I’ll try to make time to chime in about Sonja’s birthday celebration tomorrow. Until then thanks for reading, have a wonderful weekend, and if you get the chance, try something new today!

Cheers to trying new things,



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