“Pee on the potty…” Locations AR

Just a quick note this morning. Last night was amazing, if pleasantly uneventful. I got home from my last meeting of the day around 5:45, and Sonja was making dinner. Zooey was excited to see me and we played peek-a-boo in her high chair for a bit. Titus was busy playing but gave me a hug and accepted some tickles from the tickle monster. It was idyllic. It was frankly quite perfect.

I asked Sonja if she’d like wine with dinner and she said she would, so I grabbed this bottle of Locations, the most recent iteration of Dave Phinney’s take on Argentina. Rich and big, it’s 15% ABV and pretty intense. Black fruit abounds and Dave’s usual ten month oak regiment for this series lends a little additional character. It was an easy drinker, pretty simple, and paired well with Sonja’s Mexican casserole.

After dinner we were beginning to tidy up when Titus informed us he had a stomachache, which is toddler code. I took him upstairs to the potty where he was successful with number one, not so with number two. No amount of coaxing or graft would lend him the necessary patience to remain seated, and soon we were all upstairs in the playroom. Gradually, a heinous odor overtook the room. “I pee on the potty, I poop in my pants,” he informed us. Our raucous laughter probably set the process back six months. No matter — I’m in no hurry for my kids to grow up.

Cheers to the weekend!


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