“In the thick of it,” V Madrone Cab Sauv 2013


The kids and Sonja are napping right now. As tempting as it was to join in, I knew I needed to get some work done, so I made a cup of Nespresso instead and powered through the afternoon. It’s a bit tough, the eleven mile run from this morning, a run spent pushing the stroller with both kids in it, rattling through my quadriceps with each fresh, minuscule movement of my legs, but I’m glad I got my work done, and pleased also to have a brief moment to reach back out to readers of this blog.

It’s been a terrific start to the school year, and we are now undeniably in the thick of it. The first Cross Country meet of the year was yesterday, and I was very pleased with our team’s performance. Between that, teaching at the University, teaching full-time high school, and the myriad other little projects I seem always to find myself embracing, there’s little time for writing. Last year, I’d get up at 4:00 each morning and write, but my attention was called to a few different sleep studies, and the general understanding of the medical community that lack of sleep leads to impairment and, ultimately, an early demise. These days I get a bit less done, but I sleep an extra hour each night and function on a far higher level in the afternoons and evenings than I have for the past eighteen months or so. It’s a trade-off, and I live with the quiet, nagging fear that I could perish before I’ve made my mark upon the world. That said, I’m far more apt to leave a mark, especially a worthwhile one, if my brain is functioning on more than just a few hours of sleep.


Yesterday afternoon was somewhat anticlimactic, yet impossible not to enjoy. My mother-in-law and her husband joined our family for dinner before the Husker game. The game was to be the first of Scott Frost’s career as head coach, and my excitement was palpable. I bought the kids Husker jerseys, and I made our favorite tailgating foods — ribs, little smokeys, and jalapeño poppers. We ate together and shared a glass of wine. I grabbed a favorite that had been sitting around Coravin’ed for a while and poured everyone a glass.


The 2013 V Madrone Cab Sauv is sort of your quintessential Napa Cab in many ways. It’s thick, bold, and rich, but with velvety mouthfeel and enough tannins to give it not only a pleasant texture but also formidable structure that promises it will hold up over time. The blackberry, currant, dark cherry, and oaky notes are nothing to surprise, but extremely pleasant all the same and paired very well with the fatty grilled ribs and cheesy poppers. Unfortunately, the jalapeños were muy caliente, and after three or four of them my palate was in a scorched earth state. I switched to beer shortly thereafter.


If you’re reading this blog in Nebraska then you surely know what comes next.  Immediately after kickoff, the game was delayed — and later cancelled, due to lightening. But not before Sonja convinced Titus to hold my shoe above his head for kickoff like a true, die-hard Husker fan. Scott Frost and our Husker’s inevitable victory over the Akron Zips was not delayed, but instead canceled, and perhaps there’s poetry to the fact that now his first game as head coach will come against our old rivals. As much as I like pork ribs, I may see if I can get my hands on some buffalo steaks for next week’s game.

I apologize to those who regularly read this blog for updates on the family, and not just for my pithy and unparalleled wine reviews. (Seriously — what other wine reviewer do you know who is idiotic enough to pair Cabernet with jalapeños? I’m certainly an enigma.) I’ll try to do better at keeping up on my writing, though to be honest my workload doesn’t bode well for the things I want to do gaining much traction over the things I have to do — at least until the season is over. At any rate, thanks as ever for reading, have a terrific three-day-weekend, and know that I’m raising a glass to you this evening.

Cheers to working through nap time once in a while,


2 responses to ““In the thick of it,” V Madrone Cab Sauv 2013

  1. a fun thing one other blog i follow is doing presently: there’s a local brewer who is opening a facility soon. to date, majority of his/their stuff has been collaborations by necessity in that, it would often be his recipe produced with the counterpart brewers’ tweaks and equipment. not important to my reply overall, but i digress. this brewer donated 1/2 of all proceeds (profits?) to a charity. different one each time, and often connected to the co-brewer or cause-of-the-moment. I’m still not making my point. he’s very busy right now as he’s trying to finish up opening his brewery and tap room before year-end, but he typically weekly writes a blog which is both erratic and interesting and often thought-provoking. (sound familiar?). since he’s in crunch-time right now, he’s outsourcing the weekly write-up to friends, suppliers, and generally anyone who’s convictions model his own. you could consider “loaning” your blog to a few trusted followers if keeping up becomes too much at times. this is not a subliminal offer…i would end up writing about babies and beer 😉


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