“40 before 40 – Yoga begins” Tranche Pink Pape Rosé 2017

Yesterday I was a little late getting home from practice last night because we began doing yoga as a team. This was one of my personal goals for myself but also for the team. Between the elongated stretching and the meditative practices that I hope will quiet doubt and help all of us focus on what we’re doing, it was a terrific experience. I look forward to continuing the practice with the team this season and well beyond.

I arrived to my wonderful family, the kids playing together in the living room. After hugs and sloppy toddler kisses I fired up the grill as Sonja wrapped up her salad prep.

The Tranche Pink Pape Rosé is a delicate, classic pale pink color. High in acid, subtle rose water and faint traces of strawberry support a mouthwatering Washington State Rosé. It paired nicely with salmon and, later, was easy to sip tubside as we washed beet juice and salmon off of the kids.

Cheers to the weekend — I assume you’re as ready for it as I am!



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