“The juggler’s greatest asset,” Michel Roland 2013


I spent my morning in meetings, and later working on getting my room ready to teach in this year. If you read the blog a few days ago, you should be able to look at this picture and see mild to moderate improvement. Finals pictures to follow in due course. I’ve been fantasizing about this wall map for years. I don’t know how anybody teaches anybody anything without a map on the wall.

After a long day of preparing my room, my lessons, and going through a few hundred cross country uniforms with my staff, dating back to at least the early 1970’s, we had a great practice followed by a parent meeting. All things went well, but come six, I was ready to be home.

At home, I was immediately greeted by Zooey when I walked in the door, followed by Titus. Both of them were shoveling food in their faces. We talked for a bit, Sonja filled me in on her day some, including her rebutting a bunch of propagandic nonsense in the form of memes on social media by (gasp) doing a little research. It sounded pretty intense; I’m glad I’m not on social media anymore. I got my labs back from my doctor’s appointment: high LDL cholesterol, eat less carbs, less fat, and more steel cut oatmeal.  At least the statins conversation is on hold for the moment. After dinner we took a walk, then went up to the play room where I read to Zooey, later to Titus, and many hugs and tickles were had by all. Zooey has also taken a fresh interest in my phone, which I think is cute. Her primary desire seems to be in finding it and returning it to me — even if I’m holding onto it taking a picture of her. (See above.) The kids were pretty tired, and soon after this picture was taken they were both in bed.


In my glass tonight, as things wind down, is a glass of really phenomenal wine. Michel Rolland (yes, that Michel Rolland) works with master vintner Jean Hoefliger at Alpha Omega to craft a single red wine with his name on it, and the result is something special. The elegance of the structure and complexity of the flavor profile to me suggest quite a bit of time on new French oak, while the dense, velvety body is ultra silky, almost plush, with terrific black cherry notes touched off by hints of vanilla, velvety blueberry, and a subtle touch of spice. This wine is a dream, and I’d drink it every night if I could. Paired with some pretty pedestrian cheddar, it gave me the strength I needed to think about facing tomorrow, just as busy as today, with dignity and grace.

I don’t mind working hard. In fact, I love it. At times, it’s fun to see how many balls you can keep in the air at once, and from time to time I get a little kick out of winking at people as they throw knives into the mix or try to light the balls on fire. That said, some of the things being juggled — namely my wonderful little Zooey, her terrific brother Titus, and their patient, loving mommy, I have to be especially careful not to drop. I can drop anything else that I’m juggling if need be, even if I know it will break, but those three balls I have to keep in the air at all times, no matter what. I think prioritizing well is the juggler’s greatest asset. On that note, I’m going to go join my wife in bed now. We’re starting season four of The Office tonight.

Cheers to juggling, and to prioritizing well,


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