Buehler Vineyards Chardonnay 2013 – 93 Pts.


I first picked up a bottle of Buehler Vineyards wine, a Merlot I think it may have been, out of a bin at Costco because I liked the label. Don’t judge me. But having lucked upon it in such a manner, it didn’t take much sophistication to realize I had a gem, and over the years I’ve come to appreciate Buehler for their consistent combination of high quality and relatively low cost.

Honestly, I showed up today and ordered a Buehler flight because I was feeling like a Cab; the Chardonnay was to be a mere appetizer, and yet it somehow managed to steal the show. The beautiful golden hue was inviting, and the nose reflected the familiar Napa butter. The assault on the palate was a sophisticated balance of gorgeous soft creaminess and citric lemon acidity, leading into a delicate dry finish.

I was genuinely impressed with this take on a varietal that I regularly consume yet don’t generally adore. And extraordinary QPR at $19.50 a bottle, it gets 93 points on my scale, and I highly recommend it.



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