“Baby Steps.” Frank Family Blanc de Blancs 2013

In the windowsill above the sink in our kitchen, there stands a row of sentinel corks. Each of these corks is from a wine consumed on a special occasion, and each one is marked with sharpie on the bottom. The Dom Perignon we drank when Zooey was born, the Moet & Chandon we shared with Titus before that, and many others wait here to be joined by others. At some point, I’ll need to find a more pragmatic place to store them. IMG_1152

Yesterday, I was upstairs, packing my bags for our trip to Florida. When I turned from our bedroom to go downstairs and make breakfast for the family, I saw Zooey, followed by grandpa, on the third turn of stairs, handling them like a champ. Like her brother, it was important to her to have toys in both hands. I hadn’t seen this coming — she’d never climbed stairs before. She’s only been standing up next to couches and coffee tables for a few weeks, only been crawling a few months. I stopped and watched as she finished her ascent. Then I congratulated her heartily, picked up my little Sisyphus, and carried her downstairs so she could help me make breakfast.


My little climber sat in her high chair as I prepared the food, and once I was finished, helped the family consume it. Of course, her first stairs were something to celebrate, and we needed a special bottle for that. Fortunately I had one waiting for just such an occasion.

Frank Family Vineyards has fast become one of my favorite producers, and I’m excited to meet the Franks in June. Their 2013 Blanc de Blancs is a celebration-worthy wine. A pale straw color with vibrant, persistent bubbles, on the palate it possesses a complex array of nutty notes and baked lemon rind, tart green apple and brie. Beautiful sparkling wine, it paired perfectly with thick-cut pepper bacon, fried eggs, homemade raspberry jam, and a dad celebrating his little girl’s latest accomplishment, while quietly lamenting that his ten-month-old is growing up too quickly.

Cheers to little ones, and growth, and childhood, and celebration!



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