“Relearning to Relax.” Peju Merlot 2014

Traveling with little kids is, well, pure lunacy. Airports are hectic enough without trying to wrangle tiny humans, entertain them, change their diapers, and transport their luggage, car seats, and strollers. Our first trip with two was made slightly easier with the help of grandparents, but it was still madness. I began to fear the kind of vacation that makes you need a vacation. But then we got to Florida.

Aside from the completely unacceptable revelation that our belongings would not all fit in a large SUV yet somehow would all fit in one of those painful anal probes on wheels known as minivans, our arrival in Orlando was smooth. Sunlight, sea breeze, palm trees — I was ready to relax. We got to our rented condo with views of the beach and I was reminded that there is not internet access. At first I was concerned, but then I reconsidered: if I can’t work, well then, maybe I can just relax. Since then, it’s been Long Beach walks, huge dinners, and lots of reading ever since.

Last night, after a drive along a beautiful beach and an immense crab, lobster, and shrimp dinner that I’d rave about for paragraphs were I not typing on my phone, we got back to the condo. I put Titus to bed while Sonja took care of Zooey. Then the adults of the family sat around the living room, had a glass of wine, and chatted.

The Peju Merlot 2014 is a beautiful wine, and brings back memories of Sonja and my visit to the winery. Cloaking the palate in blackberry, black cherry, raspberry, and subtle pipe tobacco and baking spice, firm tannins give it staying power and linger on the finish. Retailing at The Green Turtle for $22, the QPR is outstanding on this one. I highly recommend it.

I don’t do much relaxing at home, not the type that’s complete and lasts longer than an hour, anyway, but it sure feels good. Maybe I’ll disconnect the internet at our home. Or maybe we’ll just have to move to Florida.

Cheers to relaxation!



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