“Snow day.”


Snow falls and, I notice, but, it’s far from an impediment. We were notified early last night that our services as educators would not be needed in the morning, though I took little advantage of the news and was in bed by ten or so, all the same.

My biological clock doesn’t allow for much flexibility in my morning routine. When your alarm typically goes off at 4:45, you’re doing pretty good if you can sleep until 5:30. It’s nice when they call these days ahead of time so we can sleep in, if just a little. I got up around half after five and headed downstairs, made some coffee, and got to work. So many emails were waiting for me from the night before, so much writing still to do.

I plugged away all morning, taking a short break to go to the gym and notifying my son’s daycare that I’d be keeping him home. We played downstairs some, with his basketball hoop and his cars and his blocks, and I put my laptop away for a while, the television saying something in the background about the NBA trade deadline passing and Paul George possibly going to the Lakers next year. As a Lakers fan, I scoffed. It would take more than Paul George to resurrect our franchise. We may have to suit Magic up again if we can’t land a few impressive free agents in the off season. I’ll let Magic worry about that for now.

At lunch, Titus sat in his chair and watched me cook. He does that, and its one of the million and one reasons why I love him. I poured myself a glass of Trefethen Cabernet shortly after noon, got out a cutting board, and got to work. The snow, which had seemed uncommitted in the early hours of the morning, was coming down thick by then, and still hasn’t stopped. I think to myself that my blower isn’t working, realize that doesn’t qualify as a real problem, and brace myself to start shoveling soon.

Most days of the week, I work. Today, I worked. But I got a glass of Cabernet at lunch, and I didn’t have to pee on a bell schedule, so perhaps there’s some improvement there. Titus is napping and I’ve taken a break from writing still more letters of recommendation and corresponding with the PR reps at wineries to post this blog. Nothing really happened today, save for a glass of Cabernet at lunch, and really, that’s okay. More days should be like this.





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