“This is not a dichotomy.” Review: Delmosa Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternatives


My wife claims not to miss wine during her pregnancy. I could claim to be a unicorn, but that wouldn’t make it so, and it wouldn’t be very believable either, would it? Now seven plus months pregnant and eagerly anticipating the coming of our little girl, Sonja mostly imbibes gatorade and water these days. Last night, we had a dinner party, and in addition to Sonja, who is showing, I was privy to the fact that another of our guests had recently discovered she was pregnant. This seemed to me the perfect opportunity to break out some non-alcoholic beverages I’d been sitting on, and so with each course we served, we had both an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic option.

I’m going to keep this brief, and revisit it later in a full-length piece for Food & Spirits which I’ll share on itheewine in due course. For now, suffice it to say that there are many truly inspired alternatives to alcohol on the market today. I often serve sparkling wine as an aperitif, and I won’t hesitate to admit that the Jorg Geiger winter pear on vanilla “PriSecco” was leagues better than the alcoholic bubbly from California that we served last night.  Further, the Roomi, which was served as a red alternative to the Rioja we were pairing with the main course, was just a truly impressive beverage, if not a wine, with complex notes of black fruits, namely currant and chokecherry, mingling with spices, herbs, oak, black pepper, and cedar. It’s probably the best non-alcoholic red I’ve ever had.

All of these are available from Delmosa Artisanal Beverages (delmosa.com) for a modest price. For my part, it was great being able to offer the full dinner experience to our non-drinking guests, regardless of the reason, as together eight of us passed several hours eating and imbibing around the table. I haven’t always kept NA wines on hand, and in truth, this second child will likely be Sonja and my last. That said, I’m going to go out of my way to keep more high quality alcohol-free beverages around for the non-drinkers who so regularly join us for dinner. Heck, now that I know how good they can be, I’ll probably drink a lot of them myself!



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