“Getting the job done.” Review: Da Luca Prosecco N.V.


I love writing, and of course, I love wine; the fact that I get paid to write about wine is something I still can’t fully wrap my head around. And yet here we are, and though it’s only a side job and not the one bringing home the proverbial bacon, I am a wine writer. It’s exciting, as an English major, to get paid to write anything, as most could attest to because, well, most of us don’t get paid to write. And yet, when writing transitions from romantic hobby to job, even to part-time job,  some of the fun can go away.

Today, I left the bill-paying job and hurried to the best happy hour in town to hammer out some more work as deadlines rapidly approached for Food & Spirits, Edible, and others. I sat down, briefly scanned the menu, saw one I hadn’t had and started there. Da Luca Prosecco N.V. — one taste and I was in love. The happy hour price was $4.50 for a split, a terrific deal, and I was immediately met with a combination of tart green apple and rich toasted brie notes that one often finds on wine that costs three to four times what this one does, if not far more. Satisfied with my decision, I buckled down and got to writing.

I got one article edited and sent off to another editor for help, added to a second, tinkered with a third, and then took a deep breath to check my email. Six new wine-related emails in the past hour, all of which require a timely response. Twenty more minutes and I have to go get Titus from daycare. Just enough time to reply to my emails and enjoy another glass of wine. I’m getting the job done, one day at a time.

Deadlines met. Victory achieved, if only for today. Just another day in the life of a part-time wine writer.





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