Soaring Wings Vineyard Review

Soaring Wings_correspondent_main

The expression “Don’t quit your day job” doesn’t apply to Jim Shaw; he has two of them, but both qualify as passions more than they do work. A commercial airline pilot for Delta, Jim and his wife Sharon founded Soaring Wings Vineyard and Brewing ten years ago, in the summer of 2004. Jim’s life as a pilot accounts for everything from the name of his winery to the propeller on the wall behind the tasting room bar, and of course the birds, dragons, and other winged creatures that can be found on the colorful labels of his craft. Technically in the tiny town of Springfield, Nebraska, the winery sits just on the western fringe of the city of Omaha, making it easy access from there or from Lincoln, a mere forty miles farther to the east… [read more] *

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