Superior Estates Winery Review

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Superior, Nebraska, is an awfully long way from South Africa, and yet Dominic Burke, winemaker for Superior Estates and a certified oenologist made the journey from his home country years ago, in order to share his knowledge and passion for winemaking, and to craft the absolutely excellent wines that you can try if you venture to visit Superior, the small town just over the border from neighboring Kansas. Located not far from Red Cloud, Nebraska, home to author Willa Cather, Superior Estates Winery is a gem upon the harsh and bitter prairies of Cather’s skillfully rendered prose, and it is here that we spent most of the afternoon, touring the facility, enjoying the wine, and easily forgetting in this Napa-esque environment that we were, in fact, still in rural Nebraska[read more] *

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2 responses to “Superior Estates Winery Review

  1. I’m a Cornhusker by birth . . . GO BIG RED! And Willa Cather is one of my favorite authors . . . though I don’t think I’ve ever had a Nebraska wine. Something to do the next time I’m “home” . . . Cheers!!


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