W. Donaldson Blanc de Blancs N.V. – 91 Pts.


Crowd funding is a super cool idea, I think we’re all agreed by now, but does it work for wine? Yes, actually, it works even for wine, as Nakedwines (.com) have proven repeatedly over the course of the last few years. Offering autonomy to winemakers who might otherwise be indentured to corporate producers, Nakedwines uses your money (or, in this case, mine) to fund the making of wine, which they then in turn sell back to you at a discount. It’s a cool system, and one I enjoy being part of.

The W. Donaldson Blanc de Blancs, made of 100% Chardonnay aged for 24 months, was a new addition in my last shipment, and one I served last night at our usual #WineWednesday gathering.  Beautifully carbonated with ever-so-light and tiny bubbles, this fully dry Sonoma Valley product was one of the best aperitif sparkling wines we’ve had in months. Ultra light and unimposing, the simple flavor profile made it a sound compliment to the conversation, and it was well-recieved by the entire group.

At something like $12/bottle, I don’t remember the exact cost, it’s an outstanding QPR. I’m pleased to say I have a bottle of their sparkling rose’ in my cellar, though I doubt it will last long. 91 points on my scale, and highly recommended.





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