Happy Memorial Day!

Good morning friends! I hope this message finds each and every one of you doing well and, hopefully, gearing up for a little rest and relaxation on this beautiful Memorial Day 2019.

The last few days have been an absolute blessing to Sonja, Titus, Zooey, and I. Here is a quick pictorial recap of a few of the highlights:

With luck, my children won’t one day post embarrassing pictures of me on their wine blogs in retaliation. Sonja, I, and severs neighbors have shared a few nice bottles of wine this week, spent time with friends, grilled out a lot, and enjoyed our new chiminea. We made the idiotic decision to go to the worlds most popular zoo on its busiest weekend of the year, and have in general been enjoying ourselves and perhaps overeating a bit.

Today, I’ve taken some time to think about those few relatives of mine, along with countless former students, and several close friends, who served in our military. The “day off” we take today is pretty paradoxical when you think about why we do it. When those faces come into my mind, it changes how I look at things. Derrick, Jordan, Logan, Albert, Bill… and so many more, I’m thinking of you and I’m grateful for your sacrifice. Thank you.

Starting around 4pm today, I’ll start burning meat on my old grill and pulling a few forks. If you’re in the Omaha area, please stop on over (I mean it), and if you’re elsewhere, well, please join me in raising your first glass to the meaning of this day and the sacrifices that make it possible. We can raise the second glass to the day off, I suppose.

I hope your Memorial Day is full of opportunities to reflect and wonderful people to share the day with. As ever, thanks for reading.

Cheers to those who made today — and every other day in this great nation, possible,


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