“The Prophet of Mothers Day” — Meadowcroft Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon 2014


Good morning, everyone! Great to be back with you all. I’ll keep this post brief today, but there’s something I absolutely have to get in writing soon, and you seemed like the perfect recipients of this oh so important message. Ready? Here goes: Arya Stark will win the Iron Throne, and I’ve known this for a year. More on that in a moment.

Mother’s Day was a good one. I made breakfast, then took the kids for a twelve mile run while Sonja (aka Mom) got some additional rest, and then we all had lunch and took naps. After that, Sonja’s mom (aka Nana) came over and we all hung around. I cleaned the kitchen and made a dinner of steak, scallops, green beans, and mushrooms. It wasn’t bad, though I left the steaks on longer than intended. Here’s some food porn:

The wine you see pictured is a 2014 Meadowcroft Mt. Veeder Cab Sauv. Tom Meadowcroft makes some of my favorite wines, and this one is no exception. Deep, luscious black fruits and some earthy notes dominate the flavor profile of a wine that is elegant, smooth upon the palate, yet structured enough to last seemingly forever. Drinking well now, it will cellar just as well for years to come.  One of my all-time favorite wines, I highly recommend it.


And now, back to my prophesy. I thought this up before last season ended, but after last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, I thought: Hmmmmm… you’d better make sure people know you nailed this one. If I’m wrong, of course, people will read this and think “That was a ridiculous idea,” but on the off chance I’m right, well, my ego and I need the world to know it. Spoiler alert: I’m about to spoil things.

Dani is obviously crazy, like her father, and we can’t defend her or support her anymore after the senseless slaughter of thousands of civilians in King’s Landing. John knows it, LV knew it (RIP), Tyrion knows it, you know it, and I know it. If she wins the Iron Throne, it fits George R. R. Martin’s original gray the-good-guys-don’t-always-win-slash-nobody-is-really-good-anyway motif for the show, and after last night, there’s nobody left to oppose her. Or is there?

Arya Stark has, for years, been the scariest killer in all of Westeros and beyond. Need proof? Call the Night King. Oh wait, you can’t, a little girl killed him in the last episode. Little girl my butt, Arya is fierce. John doesn’t want the throne and may end up dying (again, finally) in the coming episode to prove it. Of course, he may also take the throne, but I’m not convinced. That’s too easy, sort of like letting Dani have it. Instead, here’s what I think will happen:

Dani T, breaker of chains and now burner of babies, will of course seize what’s left of the city and from the rubble of the Red Keep extract the Iron Throne. In the final scene, what I believe will happen, should happen, is that she’ll be seated on the throne and the camera will pan in. She’ll reach up and touch the bottom corner of her face, right along the jaw line. If the writers were in captain obvious mode, she’ll remove her face to be Arya. If they’re being a bit more clever, she’ll just toy with her jaw line and smile. Either way, Arya kills Dani, does’t tell anyone (maybe John) and a Stark fits on the Iron Throne.

So there you have it. For those who were hoping for more on Mother’s Day, press Sonja to write more blogs.  I just had to get that off my chest. Watch Game of Thrones next week so you can tell me what a genius/idiot I am. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I hope you had a great weekend!

Cheers to Moms, especially Mine,



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