“Hospital Hill Run 2018” Champagne Moulin 2005

Sonja and I have been running the Hospital Hill race in Kansas City together for a long time. The first time we did it together, she was pregnant with Titus, and every year since that we’ve run the 5K Friday night with at least one kid in the stroller. It’s one of my favorite family traditions.

At the wine tasting at the race expo, Titus and Zooey got to try some grape juice that hadn’t yet been fermented. This was going to be Zooey’s first Hospital Hill, but heat forced a postponement of the Friday 5K, and rain kept Sonja and the kids inside Saturday morning while I struck out to pace the half. With cloud cover and unusually low temps, it turned out to be a great day for a run. It made me sad not to have the family there, but I know we will be back.

After I got back from the finish, I gave Titus and Zooey each a medal. Titus put his on. Zooey tried to eat hers. “Next year you can run with daddy,” I told her.

As is our custom, Sonja and I opened a bottle of sparkling wine to commemorate another race well run. The 2005 vintage Champagne Moulin is terrific. Yellowing with age, it has vibrant bubbles and flavors of underripe stone fruits, yeasty notes, and a hint of brie rind. We sipped it from a hotel glass as I recovered from 13.1 more miles before hopping in the shower.

Before long, we were waking over to meet the team and take them all to Jackstack for some authentic KC barbecue. It was another terrific weekend running the Hospital Hill Run, and I’m already making plans to return next year.

Cheers to conquering the hill,


XC Fundraiser Update: miles run: 25, money earned for our team: $79.50. To find out how to support our team, comment or email me directly. Thank you!

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