“An Brief Ode to Moms the Day after Mother’s Day” Mistinguett Brut Cava N.V.

I barely remember this, but last night in the middle of the night, I’m pretty sure Zooey started screaming. If I’m right about that, I’d guess it had to do with the thunderstorm. I was groggy to say the least, but I remember Sonja walking away from the bed, and I think I recall Zooey eventually calming down through the baby monitor. Moms are superheroes; Sonja does a lot of her amazing feats of motherhood behind the scenes. I’m grateful.

Events like the one last night, which are frequent in some form or other, remind me to be grateful not only to the mom of my own kids, but to mine as well. My own mother is pretty amazing. I know I wasn’t an easy kid to raise, but she always exhibited such patience that somehow I made it through adolescence without killing myself or anyone else. Growing up, she always made sure I ate well, that there were snacks in the cupboard when I’d come home from school, and that my homework was done — right up until high school when it was my job to make sure I did those things, the edge of the nest drawing near. All through college she’d slip me a little money at holidays, knowing I needed (which I did). And afterwards, she’s been  my biggest supporter whenever I write something, teach something, make something, go somewhere  — I can always count on my mom for support. Today, she is that to her grandkids as well, and it’s great to see.  Thanks, mom.


Yesterday, Mothers’ Day, was spent with family. We went first to Sonja’s father’s side of the family for brunch — a family I really like for a lot of reasons, but regrettably don’t know very well, and then to her mom’s house for lunch. Susan, Sonja’s mom, took great joy in providing lunch, and even greater joy in playing with her grandkids while their dad fell asleep in an armchair watching basketball. She and I spoke for a while about their move from Utah to Nebraska, and how difficult that was. I am just now, as a parent, beginning to recognize the sacrifices that parents so regularly make.

With lunch, we had mimosas, made from a Mistinguett Brut Cava I brought over at Susan’s request. The wine itself, beautifully dry and teeming with life, has a pale yellow hue and nice aromatics. On the palate, I got some pretty noteworthy bready hints. Like most Cava, it wasn’t complex, but it was good, and at $13 or so, it’s a strong QPR. The Cava was great on its own, but coupled with a little sweet OJ, it became a perfect Mothers’ Day treat and paired well with chicken salad and fresh fruit. Titus and Zooey enjoyed toasting, as they often do, and we spent Sunday afternoon relaxing, as we more often should.

Sonja’s first Mothers’ Day after Titus was born wasn’t much, because I didn’t realize what a big deal it was. But to be honest, Mothers’ Day will never be the celebration it should be in our family because we can’t afford to fly to the moon on an annual basis, and that’s what the moms in this family deserve. I can’t imagine a more difficult job, nor can I imagine anyone doing it with more grace than my wife, my own mother, and my mother-in-law. I can’t tell them that I appreciate them enough, though I can hope that writing it down here is a start.

Cheers to all of the amazing moms out there, especially my own,




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