Meet Tom Meadowcroft

It was difficult getting back to Omaha from Orlando. We departed sunny skies and beaches in the high seventies for a dreary, overcast day of light snow in the high thirties or low forties. And yet this is my home, and the sense of place is meaningful to me. It was good to see the dog again, wonderful to return to my students, and a comfort to again sleep in our own bed — no matter how badly I want to replace it. A total of sixty-one people commented on my haircut yesterday, which was certainly no offense, and getting back into the groove of daily life and the rhythms I’ve created for myself over time was meaningful as well. But that wasn’t all that awaited me in Omaha. I was also excited to get back and welcome a winemaker that I have been a fan of for a very long time on his first visit to the Cornhusker Sate.

I’ve always been enamored with the wines of Tom Meadowcroft. As if the excellent juice inside each vessel might somehow be insufficient, everything from the attractive labels to the heft of the deep-punted bottles to long corks and thick foil have always attracted me to these wines. Many are vineyard specific, while all have a sense of place, of terroir, and remain true to the varietal. They are artfully crafted, undeniably elegant, and, perhaps best of all, oddly affordable when compared to other wines of similar quality. When the opportunity arose to help bring Tom’s wine to Nebraska, naturally, I seized it.


Tom Meadowcroft is not only a great winemaker, he’s a terrific guy. With his trademark hat and ready smile, his firm handshake and warm tone make him someone I really enjoy introducing people to in person. Last night, Tom poured his wines at Nosh, to a Friday night sized crowd. It was fun for me to listen to them remark upon the quality of the wines, as well as how much they enjoyed meeting Tom, and knowing I had something to do with it. I also, of course, very much enjoyed the chance to spend the time with Tom myself.

Tonight, Tom is pouring his wines at The Winery in Clock Tower Village from 5-6:30PM. I would highly recommend swinging by if you are able. After that, I’ll be putting my kids to bed, and Tom will head over to Corkscrew in Rockbrook. At both Corkscrew locations today, the Wednesday wine flight will be Meadowcroft. If you can’t make it out to meet him, at least you can try his incredible wines. Be sure to let me know what you think.

I had four meetings yesterday before joining Tom at Nosh. I need to take a moment here to acknowledge that when I’m that busy, as I often am, Sonja picks up a lot of slack. She picked up the dog last night, got the kids from daycare, and fed them. I got home in time to see them, to hold Zooey and dance with her for a minute, and to read Titus four or five books before putting him to bed a bit late, very tired, but seemingly quite satisfied. Downstairs again, I threw together a quick charcuterie plate for my dinner, and shared a glass of Meadowcroft Zinfandel with Sonja. Spliced with 6% Mourvedre and 6% Petite Sirah, the dark, rich, flavorful wine, with notes of blackberry jam and a subtle herbaceous quality was a nice compliment to finally getting to spend a little time with my wife and discuss our days. If you’re able, I hope you’ll come out and meet Tom tonight. Perhaps I’ll see you there.

Cheers to full days, and to the people who pick up our slack,


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