“Tight fit.” Alpha Omega Toyon Vineyard Carneros Chardonnay 2015

I did something stupid yesterday (many things, I’m sure, but one I’m going to dwell upon herein). I rushed home with the kids from daycare, wolfed down some food, then hopped in my car and drove across town in rush hour to a meeting that I learned upon arrival was cancelled. It’s nobody’s fault — my schedule yesterday didn’t allow me to check my email after about 1pm, so I missed the memo. Still, it was disappointing to spend that time away from my kids over a simple miscommunication. After scrolling through my email to confirm that, yes, the meeting had been cancelled hours before, I hurried back home.

I made good time. On the way I called Jean Hoefliger, as I hadn’t talked to him in a long time, but he didn’t answer and I left a voicemail. I got here, grabbed an open bottle of wine, and went upstairs to Titus and Zooey’s playroom to hang out with the family. In the kitchen, I got a text from another person, a business partner, saying they could talk. “I’m with the kids,” I replied. Then as I was stepping to the stairs up, Jean called me back. I stared for a moment, so tempted to take it as fitting out busy schedules together for a talk is often very difficult. I smiled. Jean has kids — he wouldn’t begrudge me this time with my own. I can call him back later. I silenced the phone and headed upstairs where Titus, Zooey, Sonja and I raced dinosaurs and turtles, read books, threw a ball, and scared each other for the next hour and a half. It was pretty great. Sonja even got a picture of me with Zooey for her weekly picture:


I dislike the idea of “fitting in” my friends. People have always been so meaningful to me, and still are, that I want always to put them front and center. The problem is there are so many people, and the problem is compounded when you realize that some of those people, two tiny ones and their mother to be precise, should take priority over all the others. Because I try to devote my time at home to the kids, my friends are often a “tight fit” — I call them during my commutes, visit them infrequently if at all. They don’t seem to mind, and I appreciate their understanding. When I wasn’t a parent, I wouldn’t have understood it. Now, it has become the undeniable order of the universe. It’s funny how things change.

Since I didn’t get to talk to Jean last night, I made sure it was a bottle of his wine that Sonja and I shared after the kids went to bed. Faithful readers of this blog will know that it is Jean Hoefliger’s Chardonnay that has reignited my love of the varietal. So much of Chardonnay these days lacks subtlety and character, but Jean’s comes through in spades. The 2015 Toyon Vineyard from Alpha Omega is brilliant. From a pale, cloudy, light straw colored appearance to a delicate nose of apricot and lemon, it is clearly a special wine. On the palate, the wine is rich and creamy, silky and elegant, with notes of buttery golden delicious apple, baked pear, and hints of almond extract. It paired wonderfully with a little cheese and conversation at the end of a long day, after which Sonja and I retired exhausted to the bedroom.


I began yesterday evening by doing something stupid. I ended it with a series of good decisions, from prioritizing time with my kids to drinking a special wine with my wife and hearing more about her day. It’s a tight fit sometimes, getting everything crammed into a day, but when I manage it it seems to me that things fit together pretty well.

Cheers to tight fits, and to priorities,


2 responses to ““Tight fit.” Alpha Omega Toyon Vineyard Carneros Chardonnay 2015

  1. Well said MG… we have all done it – everything in that post. I will try AO Chardonnay, as I do believe it is my favorite grape. And I love the realllllly Good ones. Here’s to a less crowded day! 👍



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