“You’re the only one.” Verse and Chorus Napa Valley Red Wine 2013

The day after we got engaged, Sonja and I drove to Colorado to see our friends Mike and Bethany, and to enjoy the mountains. The night of our arrival, we attended a Train concert at Red Rocks, and Mat Kearney was opening. I love Mat Kearney, and it would have been a great concert in such an historic and awe-inspiring arena, but I heard most of it from my vantage outside the women’s restroom while inside Sonja dealt with a sudden onset of stomach sickness. I knew that marriage meant taking care of each other, and would so often mean the little sacrifices, so I listened to Mat Kearney from a distance while I waited, watching drunk girls traipse wobbly in and out.  I was grateful that we still got to watch a lot of the Train concert, and even more grateful that I was sharing it all with my bride to be.


Last night we went to dinner with some new friends. We’ve been married almost five years now, and we have tiny children as you know. They’ve been married longer, and their daughter was our babysitter. A delightful young lady, I remarked to Sonja that if our kids turn out at all like her, I’ll be extremely proud. After dinner we came home, chatted with our babysitter who assured us that all was well, and looked at the clock. 8:30. It’s Friday night, we reasoned with ourselves. Maybe not quite time to go to bed. While I hadn’t planned on this, I was excited to get to share a bottle of wine with Sonja in our living room. That’s one of my favorite things to do. I grabbed this bottle that a friend had left at our home, two glasses, and joined Sonja on the couch.


At first, 2013 Verse and Chorus is extremely tight, with notes of coffee grounds, menthol, black fruits, and graphite upon the palate. I gave it a vigorous decant and a hearty swirl, and in time it began to open up, revealing blackberries, some spices, jammy characteristics, currants, and dark chocolate. Incredibly fine tannins lend structure and linger indefinitely upon the palate. The joint brainchild of Peju and John Anthony Vineyards, two wineries that Sonja and I have visited and are huge fans of, the quality is undeniable, and it was fantastic that a wine we’d never had before nevertheless seemed to bring back memories.


As we sat there on the couch, sharing wine, I looked over at her. “This is nice,” I said. She glanced down at her glass.

“It’s getting better,” she said, remarking upon the wine’s opening up over time.

“I didn’t mean the wine,” I told her, smiling.

“You’re going to put that in your blog, aren’t you?” She asked. She knows me so well.

The lyric “you’re the only one” comes from the Mat Kearney song “Undeniable”, and the longer I’m married, it seems to me undeniable the idea Sonja has grown so incredibly intertwined in my life, and me in hers, that she is truly the only one. I can’t think of anyone else who could understand me the way she does, or with whom I’ve shared so much life. Last night, sharing friends, food, and later wine was just another part of that undeniable reality. Sonja, you’re the only one.

Cheers to your only one,


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