“Death of the Snarktopuss.” Alpha Omega Drew Vineyard Mt. Veeder Chardonnay 2015

“I don’t even like Chardonnay,” Sonja insisted, knowing full well how much I despise statements like that one. You don’t like Chardonnay? You don’t like Merlot? That’s like saying you don’t like food. The category is too broad, the possibilities endless. I hear those things and I feel like reciting Green Eggs and Ham aloud to people (I’ve done it before). “Jean made this one,” I told her. Just try it?


A half an hour later, we were seated at the dining room table with our beautiful kids. Sonja had prepared balsamic chicken with brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes. It was terrific. I poured her a glass of the golden liquid with a slight emerald tint and watched intently as she brought it to her lips. Of course she loved it. Jean Hoefliger’s amazing expressions of this varietal have reinvigorated my own interest in it as well. We proceeded to share the bottle, and by the end of the evening, I’m pretty sure she’d had more than me.

The closest thing to a Puligny-Montrachet that I’ve tasted from Napa, the pale golden, emerald-tinted body emits an aromatic nose of the usual suspects when it comes to Chardonnay. On the palate, the acidity would startle a lover of more indelicate Napa Chardonnays. Tart green apple notes, underripe pears, and plenty of that buttery, oaky goodness that Chardonnay is known for, there is no hyperbole here — everything exists in harmony and balance. Undercurrents of the green apple persist throughout the lovely, creamy wine. Of course Sonja loved it. I think you will as well.


I asked if, because of her earlier, snarky statement, I might mention my old nickname for her in today’s post. She smiled at me in acquiescence, a genuine sort of eye smile that made me happy. Clearly, the Snarktopuss had retreated into its cave, if perhaps had not yet died. We put the kids to bed, sipping at this wonderful Chardonnay, happy and eager to bed down ourselves. I offered to read Green Eggs and Ham to Titus, but he opted for The Sneetches. I wasn’t going to argue. It had been a long week.

Cheers to Green Eggs, Ham, and Chardonnay!


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