“NO! (YES!)” Alpha Omega Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Lately, since Sonja and I have both gotten healthy again, we’ve had wine with dinner almost every night. Of course, I’d prefer that to be the norm in any household bearing my name, but I’m rarely willing to open a bottle if I know I’m the only one drinking it.  The Coravin comes in handy there, but far more wonderful is sharing a bottle with my lovely wife. Typically, I’ll have a bit while I cook, we’ll share most of it with our food, and then we’ll “kill” the bottle between us as we put Titus and Zooey to bed and prepare to settle in for the night. I enjoy this being part of our ritual; it isn’t a focal point, but a wonderful compliment to the evening. It seems to me that wine pairs well with life.

Last night, Sonja had prepared dinner whilst I had shoveled the walk (read the previous post for details on why that wasn’t a simple task: https://itheewine.com/2018/01/23/firm-yet-gentle-14-hands-winery-m-g-s-red-blend-2015/). We got Zooey settled in easily enough, then dealt with Titus testing his boundaries as a two-and-a-half-year-old, emphatically yelling “NO!” at us whenever we asked him a question.

“Would you like to come to dinner?”


“Would you prefer to stay here then?”


“Would you like to eat or not?”


“How would you like a twelve hour timeout?”

“NO! NO! NO!”

Finally, we got him to the table, where he was sure he hated carrots (a favorite food) and we tried to convince him that his salmon was chicken nuggets. All the while, Zooey sat in her chair devouring salmon, rice, and carrots, and watching this spectacle in mild disapproval, occasionally chiming in with “Aaaaaaa-YAHHH!” when the moment called for it or when she felt too much attention was falling to her brother. As ever, I was thankful to have wine with dinner.


The 2015 Alpha Omega Sauvignon Blanc is a beautiful wine. Tropical fruit, mangos and passion fruit, abound in no short supply from its fragrant bouquet to its clean finish. This is a rather gentle and exceedingly balanced take on the varietal, relying less on the cutting acidity I see a lot of these days, and more upon softer, rounder sensations, delicate mineral notes, laced in hints of saline and petrol. A pale green hue tinged the straw-colored liquid, going almost unnoticed. It paired beautifully with our meal of baked salmon and vegetables with Indian rice, taking the edge off of the spicy food while complimenting it perfectly. Titus smelled it and didn’t scream “NO!”, so it must be pretty damn good. “YES!” I thought to myself, sipping in a rare moment of silence, which of course did not last. Such is life.

The man who made this exquisite wine, Jean Hoefliger, once told me that “wine has a social role to play.” In our household, it does just that, and quite successfully. It is a compliment to the lives we’re leading, lives we are grateful to live. It pairs well with everything from food and cooking to the television we watch, from screaming, irrational children to laying on the floor of their bedroom playing with Sesame Street characters and watching Zooey learn to crawl, to sitting in the living room talking once the kids have gone to bed. Wine simply pairs well with our lives, and I would encourage us all to drink a little more wine.

Cheers to the life you pair your wine with,


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