Join me in Napa?

Dear Friends,

If you follow me on Vivino or read this blog even sporadically, then you know what my inclinations are when it comes to wine. I spent just over 6% of last year between Napa and Sonoma, thousands of miles from home, so that I could relax and take in as much of the natural beauty as possible, enjoying the wonderful wines that have drawn me so deeply into the world of viticulture. And, of course, I always prefer to be there with friends.

This January, I’ll be leading an exclusive trip to the Napa Valley, and I’d love for you to be a part of it. Working with Executive Travel in Lincoln, Nebraska, I’ve planned exactly the trip that I personally would want to take in this world famous wine region in order to share that experience with you. Together for four days with luxury accommodations including all transportation, lodging, and tasting, we’ll visit some of my very favorite wineries and winemakers, take a hot air balloon tour of wine country, and of course indulge in some of the most extraordinary wines being made anywhere in the world.

The Napa Valley is famous for a reason, and it has fueled in me something that is scarcely short of an obsession. I love this area, not just for the wine, but for the people, the culture, the cuisine, and the serenity. There’s something about the sun drifting down on top of the Mayacamas or the fog burning off of a Cabernet vineyard in the morning that sends a chill down my spine and draws me back again and again. I want to share those things with people who will appreciate them as I do. I want to share those things with you.

Below, I’m attaching a link to Executive Travel’s web page, where you can find a sample itinerary for our trip, and even sign up now if you would like. The itinerary may change somewhat, but if it does it will only be to make it even better, I assure you. I hope you’ll consider joining me in the Napa Valley this January. We’re going to have a truly fantastic experience!



Click to access Napa-Valley-Wine-Tour_Single-page.pdf


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