“Three’s Company.” Review: Criterion Collection Coonawarra Reserve Cab Sauv 2013

Our Air BnB guests arrived on time just after 8pm, their plan to spend the weekend in Omaha underway.  As we stood around talking in the kitchen for a bit, it donned on us all that we had quite a bit in common, from a shared gluten intolerance to being runners and more.  I asked if they’d like to share a glass of wine before bed, having previously learned that they were wine drinkers, and they said they would. As they unloaded their bags, I went to the cellar and came back with a bottle of red wine.

We enjoy Air BnB for the opportunities it affords us to meet other people. Regularly, new people stay in our home in Omaha, and we like to meet and spend time with our guests. The extra money allows for renovations to our house, built in 1905 and regularly in need of them, and the people we meet share their stories with us. We often, in return, share wine or dinner with them.

I broke out this bottle of Criterion Collection Coonawarra Reserve Cab Sauv 2013 in large part based on the the previous experiences I’ve had with Criterion Collection wines. They’re generally of good quality, easy drinking, and interesting. This bottle was no exception. Relatively smooth for an SA Cab, the rich flavor profile spanned from green peppers to dark red fruits, as well as herbaceous notes of sage and mint. However, the non-fruit flavors were all nestled in nicely behind the plush fruits, which were indeed the focus. A bit too fruit forward to be in balance, this was a really nice Cab Sauv, and comes at a very reasonable price. As our guests and I sat in the living room talking about life and where it has taken us so far, this wine proved an excellent companion to conversation, though it would pair just as well with steak.




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