Rombauer Winery Review


When I think of Rombauer wines, I think first of overstatement. Their famous Zinfandel typically sits just under a hot 16%, while their notorious Chardonnay, unaffectionately known as “cougar juice” by many in the wine industry, tastes a lot like an oak stave slathered in butter. These are observations, not insults, please understand, yet they also serve to illustrate the rather paradoxical experience that is visiting the Rombauer tasting room in the Napa Valley, where understatement, even litotes, are not what one might expect to experience… [read more]*

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2 responses to “Rombauer Winery Review

  1. Great post! I had the same experience when I first visited the winery. We had consumed the buttery Chardonnay a couple of times, and I did not know what to expect. It is a lovely spot along Silverado Trail and definitely worthy of a revisit with friends from out of town.

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