WSET II: “A bit of encouragement.”

As most of you know, I’m studying to take my WSET II exam this summer. My friend and studying-companion, Zach, is confident on a level that is almost irritating. He knows a great deal about wine, far more than I do, and the level two is, for him, merely a necessary step on the way to where he’s going. For me, it’s a bit more intimidating. I know my stuff, sure, but there are some large and glaring gaps in my knowledge, and the potential to fail this exam for me is quite real.

Recently, someone I know who took the level two themselves, suggested the Wine Exam Prep (Level 1-2) app. I paid the necessary $4.99 and downloaded it, and since then have taken a 50-question practice test each day.

So far, I’ve loved the app for a several of reasons. First, unlike other prep tools I’ve used, this one tells me immediately if I’ve missed a question, and then tells me what the right answer is. I can jot a note or screenshot it, and I’ll have it for future study. Second, it shows me what areas I’m lacking in. My knowledge of wine regions is good-not-great, while my knowledge of winemaking is frankly poor, and something I’ll need to bone-up on. This is useful information to me, of course. My final reason for liking this app is that, since downloading it, my average score has been 70%, well above the necessary 55% required to pass the exam. This I’ve found encouraging.

Since writing about my WSET experiences, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and ask for tips about their own preparation for exams, and that’s what prompted me to write this post. For $5, I’ve found this to be an extremely useful tool, and a good investment when you’re preparing to take a test that costs a hundred times that much. I hope this is encouraging, and useful. Good luck in your studies everyone, and please let me know if you have any study tips to share yourself!



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