“Trying Something New.” Review: JCB No. 21 NV

Brut Burgundy, a real treat. I broke this out for guests on our patio last Saturday. We’d tasted a few Pinot Noir blind, looking to spot differences between Willamette, Central Coast, and Burgundy, amongst others. We needed a break, and the warm spring day demanded refreshment. This wine was spectacular, and really punches above its weight class, a modest price point of just over $20.

Complex, it offered a creamy texture and notes of bread, along with tart white fruit, stone fruits, and beautifully persistent and playful bubbles. Feeling this was nicely complex, I asked my guests for one word to describe it, and here is what I got:




“Touch of mint.”

“Citrus, but, I mean, not overly.”

(The last one I cut off after that. I said one word.)

I had never done this one-word ask before, but I found it enlightening. It makes you think harder, when you’re limited and can’t just ramble on and on. I’ve never described a wine as “tangelo” flavored, and I don’t think I’d do that for this one either, but hey, each palate is different. In the least I’ve added something to my vocabulary.

JCB No. 21 NV is a great sparkling wine. Here are some thoughts on it:


Too much buck for the bang–  Just about right —   A solid deal – Buy all you can get

Would Serve To:

Enemies Only – My Dog – Casual Acquaintances – Friends & Family


A Trump Staffer  —  A Communications Major —   M. Knight Shyamalan – Maimonides

Perfect Pairing:

A patio and good company, perhaps some caviar or aged gouda.


Trying something new with the rating scale above. After I abandoned the numbers rating scale, I’ve been searching for something else.  I’d love your thoughts.





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