“Goodbye for Now.” Review: Hourglass Blueline Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014


Dave and I have been friends since we did our undergraduate degrees together at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where recently, he completed his Ph.D. in engineering. We were fraternity brothers and we remained close after he moved to Kansas City to work for Garmin. I’m proud to have helped to introduce him to his lovely wife, Andrea, and I’m proud to call him my friend. Even after I moved from Lincoln to Omaha, we made it a point to see one another regularly, last night being just another example.

Part of graduating with his doctorate meant searching for a job, and ultimately for Dave and Andrea, that search has led them to San Antonio, Texas, almost exactly a thousand miles from here.  So last night’s meet up was also a send-off; they leave later this week, and already have an apartment lined up. Dave brought some amazing steaks, and also some wines from their honeymoon, though before I knew he was bringing wine I knew I wanted to share something special with him. To that end, I decanted a bottle of Hourglass Blueline Estate Cab Sauv, one of my all-time favorites.

Steak was, of course, a perfect pairing for the varietal, though it paired just as perfectly with our conversation and, later, a rousing game of Settlers of Catan. Dark fruits — blueberry and blackberry, mingle beautifully under layers of baking spice, followed by pronounced and exciting notes of cinnamon, potpourri, and herbs. A beautiful full body and leather notes laced in dusty tannins offers structure and still more character. This is a beautiful wine, still very young, and teeming with potential. It’s more than just drinkable now, it’s truly excellent, though I suspect it will be even better in a few years.

Saying goodbye to my old friends was difficult, and we talked late into the night. Wine helped make the occasion even more enjoyable. I suspect that in years to come, we may see a little less of Dave and Andrea for the distance, but I am certain that we will see them again, and may even start making trips to Texas (something I never would have thought of doing previous to now).  Cheers to good friends, and to the wines that help bring us together.




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