Oliver Creekbend Vineyard Catawba 2015 – 88 Pts.


The heat index was said to have broken 115 degrees in Omaha today, a statement that I can neither confirm nor deny because I spent most of the afternoon in the basement trying to convince my son, who learned to crawl last week, to watch ESPN with me instead of pulling all of my books and wine off of the racks. This remains a work in progress, though he seemed to enjoy Around the Horn.

Heat or no heat, the chops weren’t going to grill themselves tonight, and cooking them on the sidewalk, while possible, seemed like a good way to spend the weekend sick in bed. Reluctantly, after washing the veg and putting a small block of cheese out on a cutting board, I stepped outside into the humidity to start the grill. The heat radiating off the bricks let me know right away that I had two options: get a glass of rose’, or get a beer. Remembering that I had this bottle of Oliver Creekbend Vineyard Catawba chilling in the fridge, I eagerly chose the former.

The 2015 Oliver Creekbend Vineyard Catawba is a delightful and refreshing wine. A radiant salmon in color, it offers a delicate nose of faint strawberry with traces of vanilla. A pleasant, round mouthfeel, it has medium minus body and is quite smooth upon the palate; it boasts the enviable texture of a rose’ from Provence, but is far sweeter than most French examples that I have tried. On the palate, I enjoyed notes of watermelon, peach, and strawberry. It’s rather sweet, but on a hot, muggy Midwestern evening spent in front of a flaming grill, it hit the spot, making it a great patio wine in my estimation. I paired it tonight with seasoned pork chops and bacon brussel sprouts, and was quite pleased with the result.

Being a Midwesterner, I’ve had my share of wine made from Catawba grapes. Most of them are far less interesting. At under $15/bottle, it earns high marks for QPR, and 88 points on my scale. Cheers!




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