Ca’Momi Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 – 88 pts.


For those who read my reviews and like it when I tell stories, I’ll just warn you in advance: this story sucks. When a story sucks, it’s not because something bad happens in the story; a lot of times those are the best stories. When a story sucks, it’s because nothing really happens at all, and when you’re done telling it everyone just eyeballs you with a blank-stare emoji look plastered on their face, and then someone tries to make a cricket noise, and then someone else says “good story” either out of pity or to be a sarcastic jerk. This is one of those stories.

Pro tip: When you know your story sucks, keep it short.

Today I had some writing to do, and it’s half-off wine by the glass at Brix so that’s where I went. Upon arriving I noticed that Ca’Momi had a new vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon out, which was brought to my attention by the fact that they have a new label. Okay, this story is getting long. See? I’m filling it with fluff about the label. Let’s cut to the chase:

The 2014 Ca’Momi Cabernet Sauvignon has one of the most impressive and diverse noses I’ve encountered in quite some time. In one whiff I got black licorice, menthol, chewing tobacco, and damp forrest floor. Full bodied and quite stout, almost thick and rather murky in appearance, the palate offers a smoothness in the mouth graced with pronounced oak flavors, some smoke, very mild legumes, faint butterscotch, and dark fruit flavors. At the very end, a slight crescendo of bright notes, none of which I could sort out completely, but they were undeniably present. A long dry finish wraps it up. It’s a young vintage, but clearly made to drink. I don’t think I’d bother cellaring it, though a decanter and a half an hour or so probably wouldn’t do any damage. In a nutshell, this was one of the most interesting Cabs I’ve ever had in this price range.

So the wine was good, even if my story wasn’t. I guess in this instance, the wine becomes the story. It gets 88 points on my scale, and full marks for value at around $20/bottle. Try this wine, and please don’t unsubscribe to our blog.


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