Titus Merlot 2012 – 91 Pts.


The other night, Sonja and I decided to walk to the neighborhood grocery store, grab some meat and cheese, and make dinner out of it. We walked the one mile to the store, pushing our son Titus the entire time, selected a nice smoked Jarlsburg, some brie, a bit of sausage and some smoked salmon, and then headed back home. I plated things as Sonja put Titus to bed, and went down to the cellar to grab a bottle of wine. For unknown reasons, this one stood out.

Our trip to Napa this March included time spent in the Titus tasting room; my full review of the experience will come out on American Winery Guide in the near future. Until then, just know that it’s a wonderful place to visit. The service and ambiance are terrific and, of course, the wine is top notch.

One of the things I appreciate about winemaker Phillip Titus is that he’s very good, in my estimation, at bringing out the best in each varietal. He doesn’t get too “cute”, he’s just consistent and consistently good. That’s certainly the case with this Merlot.

Full bodied with a nose of oak and leathery black fruits, the palate is velvety with finely integrated tannins, offering an array of fruits including plum, blackberry, blueberry, and some currant. Hints of vanilla persist on the finish. Delicate in structure with a long dry finish, it opened up over time and, had we the patience, probably would have benefited from half an hour or so in the decanter. Next time.

The Titus Merlot 2012 is a terrific wine. It gets 91 points on my scale, and I highly recommend it.



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