The Wine Cellar Chronicles, Part V: “Let there be light!”

I think I mentioned in a previous post that, of late, our household budget has come under review. In general, this means less money for things like building the wine cellar and, frankly, wine also. So last night, needing to get the previously purchased light fixtures in place but not wanting to risk electric death, I used money from my small personal budget to have an electrician come over to add the lights to the cellar. He’ll come back another time to add more outlets and the separate breaker box, after I’ve saved up a bit more money. But in the meantime, I wanted to share my joy. Here’s what $235.00 of personal money accomplished last night.





It may seem subtle, and I suppose it actually is subtle in many ways, but where two exposed bulbs once hung there are now four finished fixtures, and this will allow me to finish the insulation in a few places where I was waiting, and to begin the work of mounting the ceiling, which of course I’ll feature in a future post. The beautiful antique-in-style glass enclosures with Edison bulbs in them are hard to see in photographs. I suppose you’ll just have to stop by and see them for yourself. You’re welcome anytime.



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