Peju Brut Sparkling N.V. – 92 pts.


This morning, after eight miles and half as many dirty diapers, the local temp here in Nebraska hit darn near seventy, and we knew it was time to resume our habit of lazy Sunday brunches on the porch. Right now, the white cherry tree out front is in full bloom, and there’s nowhere more beautiful in all of Omaha in my opinion.

Part of the allure of brunch is that its rarely served without sparkling wine. This morning, I pulled out the last bottle of Peju Brut Sparkling from our 2014 trip to Napa and Sonoma.  This gorgeous sparkling boasts weightless bubbles in a deep straw yellow bath of flavors that range from tart nectarine to toasted brie.  It was the perfect compliment to the acidic Rwandan coffee, crispy maple bacon, and asparagus and egg casserole I whipped up.

We know Peju for their outstanding wines, and this is no exception. We were told on our visit there that this wine was a push from one of the Peju family’s daughters, and that at first there had been reservations about branching into sparkling. Whether that’s true or not, there are no reservations here. At around $30/bottle, it receives 92 points on my scale, and I recommend it.



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