Meadowcroft Cabernet Franc 2014 – 90 Pts.


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Tom Meadowcroft and his wines. A tasting room Sonja and I visited on our first anniversary trip to Sonoma, a crystal Meadowcroft glass hangs in the wineglass chandelier over our dining room table, and we have regularly enjoyed Tom’s wines whenever the opportunity arose.

The 2014 Cab Franc, while arguably still young, is a big, bold take on a varietal known for being big and bold. Flavorful dark fruits mingle with graphite in a full-bodied, well-balanced Cab Franc that is fully dry and, I am convinced, will be even better in six to eight years than it is now. 100% varietal and sourced from a single vineyard in the Sonoma Valley, this is a good example of what makes boutique producers so exciting and worth supporting.

At the tasting room, I was told it was limited to 55 cases. On the bottle, I read 100. Either way, very limited production. Available only to wine club members, I’ll mention here that the Meadowcroft wine club is very, very worth considering and, in full disclosure, we have recently become members. 90 points on my scale.


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