Trefethen Vineyards Review

It wasn’t enough, of course, that our low-budget flight from Omaha landed in San Francisco at almost midnight, nor that the flight had been delayed in Denver by nearly half an hour, pushing back our landing time significantly. No, that wouldn’t have been enough. But being as the assignment is to review wineries and not to write a personal narrative, I’ll fast-forward briefly, past the ambulance ride, to the part where my wife, Sonja, sat patiently beside me at three o’clock in the morning in the ER in San Francisco. Tugging gently at my IV to see if it would come out, I looked over at her and grinned: “We are stopping at the first winery we see tomorrow, no questions asked.” She smiled reassuringly, nodding in agreement, as if to suggest that, like so many other whims of mine, this one as well would be honored… [read more]*

*Full reviews are located at and will open in a new browser window.


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