Fulchino Vineyard Review

Fulchino 2014 0016EditedAl Fulchino is a straight shooter if ever there was one; he probably got that from his grandfather, Andrew Fulchino, from whom he inherited his wine press at the age of twenty one. Al welcomes visitors into his family winery with a charming smile, and on the day we visited, still wearing his work shirt from taking care of the grounds around the area. We immediately liked him, as he beckoned us toward the tasting bar so that we could share in the craft that was passed down to him through his family. Once the owner of a series of gas stations, Al has since constructed an impressive, open tasting room, architecturally reminiscent of what you might find in Italy. The picturesque building, set back from rows of vines, surely draws in visitors just passing by on the road, and once they arrive, they are in for a real treat… [read more]* *Full reviews are located at http://www.americanwineryguide.com and will open in a new browser window.

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