20 in 2020 #1, Liberty Hospital Half & Elizabeth Spencer Rosé of Grenache 2019

Oof. I’m just now sitting down after a whirlwind of a weekend. Friday, the day before Spring Break, I taught all day, hosted a short track practice, then hurried home to finish packing. I grabbed the kids from daycare while Sonja made egg salad, and after a quick dinner we set off for Kansas City to stay with our friends for the weekend. When we arrived after a three-hour drive, during which we talked about our budget and saw enough controlled burns in the fields of Iowa to be slightly alarming, we put the kids to bed and sat around with our friends Brian and Amy, drinking wine and eating some wonderful cheeses.


The next morning, Brian and I got up early to run the Liberty Hospital Half Marathon in, you guessed it, Liberty, Missouri. A small town half, it was a lot of fun, save for being perhaps the single hilliest race I’ve ever participated in. The race itself is well-supported and I think my entrance fee was a mere $50 — quite low for a half marathon these days. The weather was good and the course was, aside from some monster inclines, everything I could have asked for it to be. All things considered, I felt strong and ran well, and enjoyed spending the time with a guy I’ve run several dozen races with over the years. We chatted for most of the 13.1 miles, and by 9:00AM, I had checked off my first race of 2020. A few months ago, my slightly younger and more zealous self set a goal of running twenty races in 2020, to compliment my goal of riding 2,020 miles on a bike. So, only nineteen more races to go to reach yet another arbitrary, foolhardy, arguably healthy goal. Go me.


For lunch we had burgers and, as is my custom post-race, we paired a wine with them.  On this sunny spring day, Elizabeth Spencer’s Rosé of Grenache from Mendocino County was just the thing. Light yet flavorful, with gorgeous aromatics and floral qualities playfully comingling with notes of strawberry, vanilla, and hints of cherry and cranberry, this delicate wine was precisely what the amazing spring day was calling for.  Limited to 48 barrels, maybe 1,000 cases or so, this wine is truly satisfying and very reasonably priced.  A glass or so of this, a cheeseburger, and I was ready to ease my achy legs into bed for a nap.


In the late afternoon, we took the kids to a local park to continue enjoying the weather. My young ones were afraid of the big slides (their mom was a little bit wary of them as well), but they enjoyed monkeying around on the lower features. Brian tried to teach Titus to throw a frisbee, something I have yet to succeed at doing. We enjoyed the sun and worked a bit of the lactic acid out of our legs before heading back for tacos. It was a well-spent afternoon.


The evening was spent eating, chatting, and watching the Sporting KC game on television. By the time the game was over, my achy body was ready for bed. In all, it was a terrific way to spend a day in my opinion, and I spent it with some of my favorite folk on earth, so even better.

We got back to Omaha around 1PM today. Sonja wasn’t feeling well and went to bed, so I made the kids and I some ramen and then put them down for naps before taking a moment to report all of this to you. My list of things to do over Spring Break this week is 44 items long and includes everything from having minor outpatient surgery to far too many meetings to grading, dinner parties, and more. But now, as I look at the clock, I’m reminded that the Lakers play in nine minutes, and I’m thinking that maybe all of those things can wait until tomorrow. I need to let my legs get a bit more rest anyway. Wherever you are, I hope the weekend has treated you well. As always, thanks for reading!



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2 responses to “20 in 2020 #1, Liberty Hospital Half & Elizabeth Spencer Rosé of Grenache 2019

  1. Nice job on the 1/2 marathon. I’m really envious of that skill. The wine is another story, an unknown commodity which I will have to introduce myself to in the future.

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    • JC, if your knees and hips are healthy, a half could be in your future! Or perhaps a full or a 10K? Running and wine are my two most serious passions. I love sharing them with other people. Thanks for writing! Let’s talk about both again soon! Cheers my friend!


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