“And it begins again,” Schloss Biebrich Sekt N.V.

“I think I look a lot faster than you. I just thought I’d say that out loud.” If you haven’t met my friend Brian, well, you just did. He’s pretty funny, and pretty candid. He’s also pretty loyal, and one of my oldest friends.

This morning, Brian and I rose at 5:00 to pace the 2:05.00 group at the Garmin Half in Olathe. It was a beautiful, cool, still morning and we ran well. Afterward we hit the beer tent, the burger station, and then went back to his place where Sonja and the kids joined us for a glass of Sekt.

The Schloss Biebrich Sekt is available at Trader Joe’s for about $6. It’s a killer value, with tart fruits gracing a simple profile and a light body lifted up by vibrant bubbles. A killer QPR, it’s a go-to for me when I need a low cost bottle o’ bubbles.

Afterward, Brian’s family and mine hit up KC Joe’s for barbecue. Running thirteen miles justifies eating a full rack of ribs, right? Oh and I bought sauce, so the next time I invite you over for barbecue, say yes.

It’s great to kick off the spring racing season this way. Next up: the Lincoln Half… and another bottle of bubbles, no doubt! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Cheers to the weekend, to bubbles and grilled meat!


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