The Gudgel Family Advent Calendar, Day 20 — “Ever dreaming”

It’s fun to dream.  Today, for example, I spent time scheming about the new non-profit I want to found that will help get people to the polls on election day by providing physical transportation and, I hope, putting the muscle into legislation that will make election day a federal holiday for WalMart employees and salaried bankers alike. Time will tell. I dreamt also of a business I might found that would employ teachers to grade papers for other teachers so that those in the classroom might focus on instruction. I dreamt, as I so often do, of running for elected office here in my beloved home state of Nebraska. It is fun to dream.

I’d like to think I also helped others with their dreams. Today, I spent my time at school talking with students about their future, about what they want and how to get there, and about how to effect change in the world. I am a dreamer, I think, and so are they. Dreams sustain us. Dreams become realities.

I got off work late, having stayed late for meetings and then being greeted by former students. It was great to see them. I rushed to the store, bought a few steaks, some corn, some potatoes, and went home so Sonja and I could go pick up the kids from daycare. We did, and afterward, I fired up the grill. A little applewood smoked salt on the steaks went a long way, and things turned out quite nicely.

Paired with dinner tonight was one hell of a wine. Keenan’s 2013 Cab Sauv from Spring Mountain in the Napa Valley. The wine is undeniably mountain fruit, it’s rich density not to be misconstrued as anything else, it’s luscious black and purple fruit profile generous and flavorful. From a nose of subtle pyrazines and anise to a body of gorgeous dark fruits laced in notes of wet earth, blackberry, blueberry, and lavender, into a lengthy, dry finish, this wine is brilliant and beautiful. It paired terrifically with steak, but would surely pair more diversely if called upon. The structure is such that I think five years in a drank it young; feel free to lay yours down a bit longer if you like. In all, it was a terrific dinner. For my fellow Omaha residents, you can find this one at The Winery or Old Vine here in town.


Tonight, Sonja and I are both scrambling to get work done. I have tons of grading as it is finals week, as well as some paperwork for the university. She has her own projects. So we decided to sit down together by the fire, finish our drinks, and work on our projects, dreaming of Christmas and a real break coming soon.  Some dreams do come true.

Cheers to our dreams,



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