The Gudgel Family Advent Calendar, Day 15 — “Titus’ Special Day”

Our kids are as different as can be. Zooey is strong willed and obstinate. If  she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t do it. Case in point, eating her broccoli this evening at dinner.  No amount of prodding would convince her to do it, even if the reward was a piece of advent chocolate… though I gave in in the end after she ate some of my salad (sorry dad).


Titus on the other hand, is sensitive and vulnerable. If you look at the kid the wrong way, he begins to tear up. Maybe it’s being the older child usurped by a younger sibling, or maybe it’s just his DNA. He is my cuddler and is always willing to offer you a kiss.

As we near the end of the year, I have decided to take some days off work to spend special 1:1 time with the kids. Today was Titus’ day and we went to see the newest iteration of the Grinch. The excursion started out well, until  we learned that the theater was experiencing some technical difficulties preventing us from even entering. We sat on a bench outside the theater eating the long anticipated popcorn and trying to patient.


Soon, another toddler was present and we… er Titus, resorted to trying to do headstands in the lobby.


At long last, we were admitted to the theater and Titus was able to experience his first ever, movie on the big screen.


After the movie, we headed to Jones Bros for some lunch and cupcakes. Titus enjoyed his mini corn dogs, fruit, and of course a cupcake, though at the end of the meal he proclaimed, “I’m so sticky!”


After lunch, we ran errands including Costco and a trip to Village Point. By the time Titus was laying down on the floor at Carter’s, I knew we were done. The ride home from west O took almost an hour due to the insane traffic (why?!) in that part of town and Titus took a long winter’s nap. Not before however, telling me how we needed to go get Zooey multiple times. That little guy sure loves his sister.


Once dad and Zooey got home, we had a quick and easy dinner. Broccoli and mac and cheese for dad and the kids and leftover salad for mom. Marked picked a wine that would pair well with both, Corse from Locations was a delicious treat. This is one of those wines that drinks so easy that the bottle is gone before you know it. It had a hint of lemon and was very smooth.


It was a wonderful day and a treat to be able to focus just on Titus. We both missed Zooey though and we glad to see both her and dad and the end of the day. I look forward to my special day with Zooey but am so thankful for our time all together as a family.

Merry Christmas



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