The Gudgel Family Advent Calendar, Day 5 — “That’s what she said”


In keeping with the spirit of giving thanks this advent season, I want to focus today on sense of humor. Sonja and I either have always had a similar sense of humor or have developed one through time spent together, and it helps. I’m still the more lewd and crude of the two of us, but we often share a laugh and I find that meaningful. I’m a bigger fan of Cards Against Humanity than she is, but it’s fun to watch her get into it. We both enjoy The Office a great deal, and are nearly done watching season eight now.  More than anything, though, I think we’re both starting to find our kids to be hilarious, and that’s a wonderful thing to share.

I arrived home yesterday to find that the trash collectors had not collected our old ottoman — not funny. Then I arrived at daycare and the kids greeted me with enthusiasm. “Daddy!” they yelled, which I love. Shortly thereafter, Zooey added “Momma back!” to which I told her I was sorry, but not tonight. She thought for a moment, then looked back up at me. “Tacos?” she asked, in reference to our promised dinner. Even our daycare provider had a laugh at that one.

We pulled up to the house the same time my parents did. They’re in town mostly so that I can teach my night class, but of course also to see the family.  At dinner, unprompted by me, Zooey saw me taking a picture and shouted “Cheese!” through a mouthful of cheese. I’m telling you, she’s hilarious.


We played upstairs after dinner for a while, grandpa finding Titus pretty funny and Titus always finding Titus pretty funny (related side note: I saw a shirt a few days ago that said “I love you like Kanye loves Kanye.” Hilarious. I need that shirt.)  Then I took off to get a haircut.

When I got home we all had a drink and my mom relayed to me that Zooey had demanded to read More Bears but then threw the book when mom began and wanted a different book. I explained that Zooey sees More Bears the way southerners see Coke. More Bears means “a book” and then she’ll tell you which one she wants to read. It’s brand recognition at its finest, and reminds me that I need to go get some Tylenol.


As we sat around talking my mom had a beer, dad had gin, and I had a glass of Napa Cab. Everyone was happy. This Michael-Scott is a really nice wine, packed with notes of cedar and graphite layered underneath more prominent tart cherry and blackberry flavors. I reviewed this wine once on Vivino and made a reference to The Office, only to have one of the owners get on my profile and say something like “Yeah, we get that a lot.” I’m sure they do, though if I name my future distillery “Hodor” I’m going to expect to get a few Game of Throne references. Anyway, this is good wine, and it was nice to have a glass while I caught up with my parents.

Having a sense of humor is of tremendous value to me. I like Z Frank videos and Cards Against Humanity because they cause me those rare, delightful belly laughs, and I love having my kids, wife, and family to laugh with and about.  More than anything, finding humor in my line of work helps me stay sane, and beyond that, makes it more fun. I hope you’re having a humorous week.

Cheers to humor, laughter, and those we share them with,




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