“Insomnia,” Casal da Seara Vinho Verde

This has never happened to me before — okay, at least not in a very long time. It’s late Saturday night, or rather, I suppose it is now early Sunday morning. I cannot sleep. I’d been laying in bed over two hours with the lights off when finally I gave up on it and went into my office to try to write. I’m an active person; I ran five miles this morning pushing the stroller. I wake up early, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and almost never drink caffeine after lunch. I sleep like a rock, and the best part is that my kids let me do it. But tonight I just lay there, rolling from my back to my side and back again. Around 11:30, I looked up the filmographies of Robert Sean Leonard and Neve Campbell. Nothing will put me back to sleep. So at last I got up, determined not to waste the time entirely, and I decided to write this. Maybe if I retrace my steps today, I’ll figure out why I can’t sleep tonight. Here goes…


The first thing that happened today was that I got the kids up and out of the house and together we went for a run. We woke Sonja in the process, or rather, Titus woke mommy when he walked into our room while I was changing Zooey and started chattering at her despite my telling him not to do so. Little rascal. Anyway, mommy went back to sleep and I took the kids on a run, during which we located a quarry full of trucks doing truck things. Titus and Zooey were pleased to watch them, and I didn’t mind taking a little break either.


We got home and I mowed the lawn and stained the pergola with waterproofer.  Later we made lunch out of leftover hot dogs and hamburgers from last night’s barbecue. Zooey played peek-a-boo for a bit and we all took a nap. I was absolutely tuckered out after my morning, and I slept for a few hours. Sonja worked in her office. We all got up around the same time and headed to the store.


At Target, I picked up a few things for my classroom, and Sonja found Titus a few items for his birthday. Zooey and I went and found the mirrors and the picture frames. We purchased a few picture frames, but with the mirrors we mostly just messed around. Also at Target, I purchased an avocado and an onion, bracing myself for yet another meal of leftover grill fare.  We dropped off a few items at Goodwill afterwards and headed home.


After dinner, the kids took a bath. After the bath, Titus sat on the potty… but did not go. I took him upstairs while Sonja got Zooey ready for bed. Then we all said goodnight and I read several new stories to Titus, wrapping up with his favorite, A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. I kissed my son goodnight, tucked him in amongst his enormous collection of stuffed animals, and met Sonja on the front porch for a glass of wine and a chat.


We shared the rest of a bottle of Casal de Seara Vinho Verde, a Portuguese white wine that is young and effervescent. A rare floral bouquet, I got hints of green lemon rind, perhaps a touch of stone fruit, and a playful, crisp mouthfeel. Medium plus acidity, this bottle of wine costs about five bucks, which makes it a heck of a deal. It was a great patio pounder, as Sonja and I enjoyed yet another night upon the patio.


When the wine had disappeared, Sonja and I headed back inside. We brushed our teeth and watched  a few episodes of The Office. We’re on season five now, and I suspect that I’ll be able to check rewatching the entire series off of my list of forty things to do before I turn forty before I even turn thirty-eight. After a few episodes, we both felt tired. We turned off the show, turned off our lights, and closed our eyes. Our experiences since that time have been vastly different, though I’m glad that Sonja is getting some sleep.

I suspect that some might think the nap was my undoing, but in all honesty I often nap on Saturdays, and it has never before impacted my ability to sleep. My brain, unlike the tablet and my bedside lamp, will not turn off, and I suspect it has a lot to do with the advent of my fifteenth year of teaching.  Now, as the clock approaches one o’clock in the morning, an hour by which respectable sorts like you and I should long have been asleep, I begin to fear what tomorrow may look like if indeed remain restless much longer. I think I’ll go try again. Wish me luck, and sleep well yourself.

Cheers to the changes in routine that in turn help us to appreciate our routines,



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