“A challenge of economy,” Moss Roxx Zinfandel

I leave in about a week to take a class at Harvard University. The prep work is all due Monday, including several papers. One was to be 2-3 pages in length, and yet when I finished it up yesterday I realized mine was six and a half. It’s not that I’m an overachiever nearly so much as that I don’t write with economy, as many regular readers of this blog could attest. With that said, I hope to knock out today’s post with uncharacteristic brevity and conciseness.

Yesterday was an amazing day at the ranch with my kids.

Zooey went exploring, and Titus was given a new tricycle.

Titus did a puzzle with grandma.

Zooey tried out a new hat.

And we all went out to see the horses.

After a long day, we had a great meal. Of course, we paired the meal with wine.

Moss Roxx 2012 Zinfandel was a full bodied combination of chocolate, coffee, woodsmoke, and blackberry. It paired well with the biggest New York strip I’ve ever had.

It was an amazing day, and I guess I don’t need pages upon pages to explain why. Maybe I should insert more pictures of my kids into my papers for Harvard.

Cheers to newfound economy — and have a great Sunday, everyone!


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