“Comfortable familiarity.” Optima Rosé 2016

My first day back stateside was terrific. I got to get the kids up, and they seemed excited to see me. I had coffee in my usual mug and made the family fried eggs in my favorite pan, took the kids for a seven mile jog on our trail, hung out in the basement with them. I gave everyone their presents (Titus especially loves his new guitar!), we took a long walk as a family, and I fired up my grill to make dinner. I missed all of these things while I was away.

I chose a wine for dinner that was familiar to me; I was really in the mood for familiarity, and may be for quite a while. My last bottle of 2016 Optima Dry Creek Valley Rosé was everything I remember and more. A beautiful dark apple red, the aromatics are inviting — leather and bright red fruits. Flavors of strawberry, cranberry, and stone fruits abound. I admire Mike Duffy, love his wines, and really appreciate this tremendous take on Rosé from the Dry Creek Valley. Limited production each year, I highly recommend it.

It’s great to be back home in Omaha, “Homaha” as Sonja and I sometimes say. I enjoyed my work a great deal on this past trip, and found it meaningful, but every bit as meaningful is recharging my batteries, and even more meaningful is being with my family. Now I need to go to my gym for the first time in two weeks. We’ll soon see how comfortable that is. Wish me luck!

Cheers to being home!



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