“Spider dreams.” Domaine San Peyre 2017


This week, in the master’s class I’m teaching, I showed the brilliant 2006 TED Talk from Sir Ken Robinson, entitled “Are schools killing creativity?”. In his talk, Ken tells a story about his son being in a third grade pageant, a telling of the Christmas story, and the three wise men. Out of order, the first announced: “I bring you gold!” The second: “I bring you myrrh!” And the third: “Frank sent this!”

Sir Robinson’s point is that children, unlike adults, will take a chance when they don’t know, and that we need to foster creativity in them rather than writing it out of the curriculum or placing higher values on math and science. The entire talk is brilliant, also funny, and I suggest you watch it regardless of what field you work in, but for now suffice it to say that last night, when Titus sang:

“Row, row, row your boat,

gently down the stream,

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

life’s a spider dream,”

I thought it was sort of perfect. I’m not entirely sure why my son likes spiders as he does – he most certainly didn’t get that from me, but there’s no way I’m going to “correct” him, either. The mysteries of life have always been, in my mind, seen most clearly through the eyes of the very young.

The wind gusted erratically through the waxy leaves of the tree out front of our house, repeatedly dousing the candles in its reckless enthusiasm. Unwilling to relinquish my grip on such an otherwise beautiful and temperate evening I, Sisyphus, continually relit them, never mind we had no need for heat and that the wind was equally to keeping the mosquitos away. The front porch is my sanctuary, and this has been a very long week, full of XC practice, classes taught in Lincoln, evening meetings, and daily chores. I’m absolutely exhausted, and putting my feet up on the front porch with Sonja by my side, sharing a glass of wine, was a perfect conclusion to a rather long Thursday.


Much to the delight of those who read the tasting notes, Sonja with her superior palate helped me write this one. A light peach color, the 2017 Domaine San Peyre rose’ from Provence has a fragrant bouquet, with a pronounced fresh floral nose mixed with subtle citrus — a “squirt of lemon,” Sonja called it. Slightly tart upon the palate, the predominant notes are of grapefruit, while pink rose petals soften and round it out. Quite delicate and nicely in balance, it’s what I look for in a rose’, and paired perfectly with winding down for the day. In the $12-15 range, it boasts a strong QPR for a product of Provence.


As we relaxed on the front porch, Titus, who was unwilling to go to bed, sang to us in the background through the baby monitor for a while, before eventually even he succumbed to slumber. I sipped at my rose’ and looked down at the tiny spider who was perched on the other end of the wicker patio sofa. Too small to have a head, I couldn’t help but to think it was looking back up at me. Everything is connected. According to my son, spiders also dream.

Cheers to fostering creativity, and to spider dreams,


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