“A day without time.” Brook & Bull Rose’ 2017


I’m not entirely certain when I woke up yesterday. I probably looked at a clock when I did. After that, I don’t think I looked at a clock again all day. The entire span from morning to night was like one big state of flow, and I spent the entire thing with friends and family. It began with moving several cases of wine to the cellar and ended with watching The Revenant, which I had never seen, though everything in between was noteworthy. Like so many things, however, the real fun began with a great brunch.

Sonja made a wonderful brunch, with a caprese frittata as the centerpiece, but also bacon, yogurt, granola and fresh fruit. My dear friends Jay and Jenny were in town, so they stopped by, as did our friend Luis and later Patrick. We shared some great wine and sat around talking. People came and went as they pleased or needed, with several catching flights in the mid-afternoon. It was great fun spending the morning and early afternoon lounging about with our friends and drinking wine, and by the time our house was empty again, our Air BnB guests were checking in to go to the U2 concert and I was already making dinner. I have very little concept of what happened in relationship to time yesterday; it just seemed to pass unnoticed with my focus directed steadily at the people I was with, and given that I spend my weeks using the bathroom only when a bell signals that I may, it was especially enjoyable.


I got an itch to cook the salmon on a cedar plank, and for the first time found success. Okay — I started a small fire, but unlike in times past, I put it out, finished cooking the salmon, and it turned out really well. I put the cedar plank salmon on a bed of greens along with goat cheese, shaved almonds, blueberries, mandarin oranges, and chopped apples, and under some poppyseed dressing, it was pretty terrific. We paired it with a rose’ I’d been excited about, and sat around listening to Billy Joel, Hamilton, and more, while Zooey danced along in her high chair and Titus tried to get Alexa to play various strange words he was saying. “Alexa, play boogie boogie!” he’d shout out, and then giggle maniacally when she told him in her robotic, big brother voice, “I’m sorry, I don’t know that one”. We might have been sitting at the table sipping at that rose for hours, I have no idea. I just know I was enjoying myself a great deal.


The Book & Bull Rose’ 2017 has a stunning label, as you can see above, but more importantly, it’s a brilliant wine. So much of the domestic rose’ I’ve had lately seems flamboyant and indelicate, a great departure from Provence where subtlety and complexity are king. The Brook & Bull took me closer to Provence, with a pale salmon hue and myriad notes of subtle strawberry, vanilla, and hints of citrus and mineral notes. A blend of 47% Mourvedre, 33% Syrah, 18% Grenache, and 2% Sangiovese, it spends five months in neutral oak, has a low 13.3% alcohol, and is limited to 162 cases. I’m a huge fan of this producer, and wines like this one are the reason.


I’ve resolved recently to begin attempting to write with greater brevity, primarily for the sake of the longevity of this exercise, and for that reason I’ll stop here. I could get into our thoughts on The Revenant, but instead I’ll just say that I’m glad my wife and I had a quiet date-style night, complete with popcorn, to end a day full of terrific people, wonderful food, and excellent wine. I hope few days pass before the next chance I have to spend another day without time.

Cheers to the people who help us forget to watch the clock,



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